lab komputerowe

Computer labs
are equipped with modern PC workstations.
Department of Telecommunications has four such laboratories. In total, 72 computers are available for the students. Every computer is connected with KT LAN by 1Gbit/s link. All computers work in the re-installation of laboratories system. Thus, during class, each student can perform actions that requires administrator/root privileges.
Students, during classes, are in no way limited by the system privileges. They can perform actions such as installing and uninstalling any application, changes of system configuration, or reinstalling systems and even formatting the physical hard drives and changing their partitioning.
Restoration of the laboratory to full functionality with all applications and their configuration is done automatically and takes about 15 minutes.
User files can be stored on a dedicated server for students with high computational power and large storage area. This server is covered by the backup system, so users data (such as the programs written during class, documents, reports) are included in backup.
Computers are equipped with a number of applications supporting the teaching process in the fields of computer science, electronics and telecommunications. 
Students have at their disposal high-quality optimization simulation and design software. 
All classes are held according to the principle "Every student has at his disposal at least one computer". Hence there is no situation in which on the computer has to work more than one person.
The rooms are air conditioned.
Moreover, in each of the rooms are wall-mounted projectors, which are  helpful during the classes.