lab siec

The network and network security laboratory

is based on a broad range of network equipment:

  • 17 routers with various interfaces,
  • 9 Ethernet layer-2 switches,
  • 3 Ethernet layer-3 switches,
  • 4 firewalls with IPS (Intrusion Prevention) modules
  • 4 wired and 2 wireless VoIP telephones.
  • Additionally it includes certification and qualification meters for the copper structured cabling systems.

The laboratory courses include the Ethernet technology, network protocols such as IP, IPv6 and MPLS, routing protocols applicable to both corporate and carrier networks (OSPF, ISIS, EIGRP and BGP) and, finally, varius aspects of the network security.

The laboratory is also equipped with 13 PC workstations, each having 5 network cards which allows for using them alongside with a proper software (Linux, FreeBSD) as network nodes, network servers or workstations performing simulated network attacks.