Usługi dla studentów

Services available to students

One of the objectives of promoting scientific advancement of our students is: Giving them the benefit of a number of services in support of gathering information and conducting research.

Therefore, Department of Telecommunications offers to students:

  • Access to the Internet via Wi-Fi network located throughout our buildings,
  • Dedicated rooms where students can meet and exchange information, jointly solve problems and tasks,
  • Access to computer labs, in hours that are free from classes, in which they can conduct research based on a dedicated high-end IT equipment,
  • Access to student computing servers upon which they can carry out simulations, test, written programs and applications,
  • e-mail server
  • SVN systems, supporting versioning of documents and multi-author work,
  • Web servers, which can create a web-sites,
  • And a number of other technologies conducive to studying.

Group  of IT-KT administrators ensure that those services work properly and meet the growing demands.