studia doktoranckie

PhD  studies

Ph. D. studies "Telecommunications" involve a number of obligations to be fulfilled by an attendee.
First of all, an applicant in a due time has to prepare (in agreement with a proposed supervisor) an exhaustive description of a proposed research and pass an entrance examination (including digital signal processing for telecommunications, queueing theory, computer networks, wireless networks, optical networks, multimedia systems). The proposed research has to well fitted into research being actually performed in the Department of Telecommunications.
Ph. D. studies last eight semesters. The first two semester are devoted mainly to applied mathematics and related issues. During the second and the third year the Ph. D. student has to attend and prepare seminars devoted to various telecommunication network issues according to the seminar layout and their syllabus.
In the meantime the Ph. D. student has to actively support his supervisor in lectures he delivers to graduate students and perform all the research tasks provided for his dissertation.
As the feedback the Ph. D. student gets a possibility to be fully integrated with the research activities undergoing in the Department of Telecommunications under VII European Commission Framework Programme.
We invite potential applicants to contact directly our professors:
    Prof. Andrzej Dziech
    Prof. Andrzej Jajszczyk
    Prof. Wieslaw Ludwin
    Prof. Andrzej Pach
    Prof. Zdzislaw Papir
in order to fix all requested elements.