Telephoners Scientific Club

Telephoners Scientific Club
Telephoners is a scientific club for students interested in telecommunications. It is associated with the Department of Telecommunications, AGH University of Science and Technology, Krakow, Poland. Its mission is to encourage students to do exciting research in telecommunications through various projects.

Either individually or in small teams, members carry out projects in telecommunications, electronics and computer science. Acting individually they are striving to develop their passion and release own talent and by cooperation they accumulate potential to be more successful.

The Scientific Club members are involved in programming for different platforms using various languages, as well as design and developing of websites. They are also strongly interested in networking technologies and applications of new technologies in medicine and healthcare.

Members of the Scientific Club want to be versatile so during meetings they are talking not only about IT but also they are sharing their hobbies and interests.

Club cooperates widely with a number of IT companies, R&D institutions and other Scientific Clubs from the whole world. It is widely open for all forms of cooperation. For more information visit Scientific Club's webpage:

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