The research and teaching team at the Department of Telecommunications represents a unique blend of experience and youthful dynamism. The Department employs five professors, one teaching professor, and twenty-four assistant professors. Our teaching process involves working closely with doctoral students.
Young employees are selected to work at the Department upon completion of a doctoral degree, as it ensures a certain level of experience in research and teaching. 
Our team’s extensive didactic potential is demonstrated by a number of factors. As such, each year staff members compete for the Rector’s Teaching Prizes, awarded for new textbooks, laboratory kits, and online teaching materials.
The Department’s teaching team is also recognised by government agencies. In 2009, the Ministry of Science and Higher Education awarded a distinction to the Electronics and Telecommunications course, ran concurrently by the Department of Telecommunications and the Department of Electronics. Following a review process, the Ministry and the Council of Higher Education approved a unique Teleinformatics course hosted by the Department of Telecommunications. Professors from the Department have also been awarded prizes by the Minister of Science and Higher Education for outstanding academic textbooks.
Many lectures and seminars are or can be held in English. As a result of this and the Department’s numerous contacts throughout Europe, we have signed a number of bilateral agreements for international student exchange programmes with countries including Spain, Finland, Italy, Germany and France, financed as part of the LLP Erasmus programme.
Teaching outcomes improve significantly when students are able to solve specific technical or research problems. Our students fulfil their ambitions by participating in Science Clubs and national and international projects implemented at the Department of Telecommunications.