Medals at the INTARG 2019 Innovation Fair

2019-06-05 17:30
Medals at the INTARG 2019 Innovation Fair

We are pleased to announce that:


The team headed by Professor Andrzej Dziech received numerous prizes at the INTARG 2019 INTERNATIONAL FAIR OF INNOVATIONS, organized on June 4-5.


The team received prizes together with Doosan Babcock Energy Polska, within the INRED Project.


The prizes are as follows:


Gold medal for "Intelligent system of managing repair and diagnostic procedures with automatic correction" - INCOR and the Minister of Investment and Economic Development Diploma for an innovative solution with a high level of technological readiness.


Gold medal for "Smoke and fire detection system using a video monitoring camera" - DESMOFI


Silver medal for "Adaptive Wireless Management System in Industrial Conditions" - ADWICOM



Information about the inventions: