BIDS (Broadband Infrastructures for Digital Television and Multimedia Services)

1996 - 1998
ACTS AC025 BIDS (Broadband Infrastructures for Digital Television and Multimedia Services) project

The goal of the ACTS AC025 BIDS (Broadband Infrastructures for Digital Television and Multimedia Services) project was to examine the broadband infrastructure for digital TV and multimedia services. The investigations have been done by international consortium, including research group from Poland (Department of Telecommunications, The AGH University of Science and Technology), France (IDATE – Institut de l’Audiovisuel et des Télécommunications en Europe – project coordinator; TDF – Télédiffusion de France), England (London Economics) and Spain (Fundesco).
The project has comprised preliminary research into the situation of the audiovisual and multimedia markets in the four Central and Eastern Europe countries. The competitive situation of the infrastructures likely used to support digital television and interactive multimedia services in those countries, i.e. satellite television, cable networks, telecommunications networks, MMDS (wireless cable) and terrestrial television has been investigated. A set of main indicators on services, equipment, consumption levels, the market maturity, etc. was drawn up for establishing the present multimedia situation as well as to show exact trends over recent years in each of the four Central and Eastern Europe countries for the abovementioned audiovisual and multimedia markets. Technical capacities of each infrastructure in terms of service provision and network implementation, followed their potential technical evolution over the next years have been also presented, giving an overview of the structure of the industry. A special focus has been concentrated on the technical maturity of the networks and new developments undergoing.
Another objective of the BIDS project was to outline the existing regulatory framework as applied to the audio-visual media and telecoms markets within the four Central and East European countries, and to explore a possibility to enhance or hinder the speed and successful introduction of digital television and related multimedia services as technological convergence and the formation of the internal market becomes a reality.
The next objective of the project was to point out issues with which a future regulatory regime for digital television services must deal to assure a harmonization both within terrestrial, satellite and cable television and between audio-visual media and telecoms.
The results of the project can be used as a starting-point for the analysis of the audiovisual and multimedia markets in those countries based on a set of key parameters and considering market development, the penetration of the various types of equipment in homes, the position of the the various players involved in these market areas. Such information does enable to determine both future trends in demand for new audiovisual and multimedia services and the strategies to be adopted by the market players in their move towards the introducing such services into the market.

AGH - University of Science and Technology
TDF – Télédiffusion de France
London Economics
University of Science and Technology
IDATE – Institut de l’Audiovisuel et des Télécommunications en Europe
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Zbigniew HULICKI specjalizuje się w modelowaniu i projektowaniu sieci telekomunikacyjnych z uwzględnieniem systemów komunikacji multimedialnej. Jest autorem ponad 180 publikacji, w tym 7 książek. Pracował w licznych ośrodkach naukowych i badawczych za granicą w USA, Australii, Wielkiej Brytanii, RFN, Francji, Holandii i Szwajcarii. Bierze aktywny udział w realizacji międzynarodowych projektów badawczych Unii Europejskiej, ACTS BIDS, BBL, COPERNICUS, COST, TEMPUS oraz prac dla operatorów telekomunikacyjnych, dla TP S.A. pracował nad koncepcją rozwoju jednolitej sieci szkieletowej ATM oraz strategii rozwoju sieci TP S.A., kierował pracą dla MŁ dot. rozwoju infrastruktury telekomunikacyjnej na terenach wiejskich, która była podstawą opracowania programu rządowego w tym zakresie.
Pracował jako konsultant dla krajowych firm telekomunikacyjnych i informatycznych. Jest członkiem IEEE Communication Society (Polish Chapter), a także członkiem komitetów programowych szeregu międzynarodowych konferencji naukowych.

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Zbigniew HULICKI  received the M.S. degree in electrical and electronic engineering from the Technical University of  Moscow, Moscow, Russia in 1978 and the Ph.D. degree in telecommunications from the AGH University of  Science and Technology, Cracow, Poland in 1983. In 1978, he joined the Telecommunications Department at the AGHUniversity, where he is currently an Assoc. Professor. He spent his sabbatical leaves at the universities in USA, Australia, the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy and Switzerland. His research interests include modeling and performance evaluation of telecommunication networks, in particular high speed networking for multimedia communications and  teletraffic engineering as well as digital video broadcasting and information technology. He actively participated in ACTS programs on broadband access networks and DTV. He is an author of 7 books (on multimedia communications as well as on the interactive services on DVB platform) and 180 research publications (papers, official research reports ect.). He has been a consultant to governmental institutions and telecom operators in modern telecommunication networks as well as a member of the Supervisor Board of the Foundation for Progress in Telecommunications. He is also a member of the Poland IEEE Communications Society Chapter and a member of  Polish Systems Society.

November, 1996