Projekty badawcze realizowane w ramach Projects realized by KT funded by 6FP

Designing Advanced network Interfaces for the Delivery and Administration of Location independent, Optimised personal Services
2003 - 2006 / 2006 - 2008
Mobility has become a central aspect of the lives of European citizens in business, education, and leisure. The rapid technological and societal changes and the bewildering emergence of numerous new services has created a complex environment for network operators and a confusing situation for end users. The enhancement of existing technologies and development of new Beyond 3G systems will increase this complexity even more.
Design and Engineering of the Next Generation Internet - Towards Convergent Multi-service Networks / Design and Engineering of the Future Generation Internet - Towards Convergent Multi-service Networks
2003-2006 / 2006-2008
The main objective of the Euro NGI network was to create and maintain the most prominent European centre of excellence in Next Generation Internet design and engineering, acting as a "Collective Intelligence Think Tank", representing a major support for the European Information Society industry and leading towards a European leadership in this domain.
'Content networks and services for home users (CONTENT)'
The CONTENT Network of Excellence targets Content Delivery Networks for Home Users, as an integral part of Networked Audio-Visual Systems and Home Platforms. CONTENT aims to build the European Research Area in this important communication topic by integrating a group of experts with the purpose of taking forward the state of the art and increasing European leadership in Content Networks.
"Emerging networking experiments and technologies"
The E-NEXT Network of Excellence targets a key area of Information Society Technologies, namely computer networking. Framework Programme 6 aims to develop the technological basis and the people-skills necessary to deliver the promise of the information revolution - new audio-visual services and products, electronic delivery of business, health, education, entertainment, government, science and so on - and this will fundamentally impact every aspect of life and work.
Calibrate Learning Resources for Schools
October 2005 – March 2008
The CALIBRATE project has now run its course and the final report has been submitted to the European Commission. Its aims were to support the collaborative use and exchange of learning resources in schools. It brought together eight Ministries of Education including six from new member states and involved 17 partners in all.
Next generation Optical networks for Broadband European Leadership - phase 2
2006 - 2008
Leveraging all results obtained in phase 1, NOBEL phase 2 considered the medium-term, long-term and extended long-term scenarios, focusing in particular on the last two, and faced with two major challenges. The first is the evolution of the data plane technology in order to reach an 'optimum techno-economic balance between optical/electrical and circuit/packet routing and switching. The second is the evolution of the network control plane towards an unified control plane that is able of improving the seamless end-to-end network service capabilities in a flexible and scalable way.
NOBEL: Next generation Optical network for Broadband in Europe
2004 - 2006
The main goal of the IST Integrated Project NOBEL (FP6-506760) was to carry out analysis, feasibility studies and experimental activities on innovative architectures, technologies and solutions for core and metro networks supporting broadband services. NOBEL contributed to the 6th FP IST strategic objective 'Broadband for All' enhancing European competitiveness in the development of IP/Optics core and metro optical networks.