Projekty badawcze realizowane w ramach Projects realized by KT funded by EDA

Aircraft fuSelage crack moniToring sYstem And progNosis through on-boArd eXpert sensor network
2012 - 2015
The research project ASTYANAX is focused on the development of a reliable methodology for the application of a Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) system on an aerodyne (rotorcraft and airplane platforms) structure.
Multi Sensor Data Fusion Grid for Urban Situational Awareness
The overall goal of the MEDUSA (Multi Sensor Data Fusion Grid for Urban Situational Awareness) project is to realize a robust, high-performance, integrated, intelligent, autonomous and versatile multi-sensor data fusion grid. This will significantly improve Situational Awareness and Command and Control in the context of force protection in urban environments - by providing a comprehensive Operational Ground Picture.
Helicopter fuselage crack monitoring and prognosis through on-board sensor network
2008 - 2010
The main purpose of the project is to propose modelling techniques for the analysis of multiple sensors in producing a unified and comprehensive methods for identification, monitoring and prognosis of potential damages (like cracks) in the fuselage of a helicopter.