Projekty badawcze realizowane w ramach Projects realized by KT funded by Eureka, NCBIR

next generation MultImedia efficienT, Scalable and robUst Delivery
The objective of MITSU (next generation MultImedia efficienT, Scalable and robUst Delivery) is to study and develop the next generation of multimedia streaming systems to be used over wireless networks. While considering state of the art technologies in that field, MITSU intends to study and implement this video interoperability while minimising complexity and power consumption.
Intelligent Multimedia System for Web and IPTV Archiving. Digital Analysis and Documentation of Multimedia Content.
IMCOP improves current approaches in the field of digital preservation of IPTV and Internet Web-based content. It provides a comprehensive and extensive system for analyzing, documenting and presenting dynamic Web-based content and complex, multimedia objects.
Development System for Mobile Services
2004 - 2006
DESYME was intended to cover the existing gap between the potential of services over mobile networks and user needs. Its goal was to enable users to design mobile services to suit their requirements in an easy way. The users who benefit from the development of DESYME had the following basic profile: - they used Information Technology (IT) facilities in their activities; and - they were confident that mobile services can be an answer to their business or personal needs. However, in the current scenario they faced with these two main obstacles: